Google Maps will of course be the most helpful in navigating the city, but we’ve compiled a few maps and resources to provide additional guidance.

The Union Pearson Express travels directly from the Toronto Pearson International Airport to Union Station in the heart of downtown Toronto. Trains leave every 15 minutes and the trip takes approximately 25 minutes.

From Union Station (bottom of the map), you’ll want to take the Line 1 train (the yellow line) towards Downsview (top left), and you’ll get off at Museum Station (directly below where the yellow line and the green line intersect on the left).

TTC Subway Map


Union to Museum with star

Victoria College is located 91 Charles Street West, here indicated by the pink and black star.

Also visit the TTC website for more information on subway, streetcar, and bus schedules, fares and pricing, and their trip planner.

If you take the east exit at Museum Station, you’ll come up to the University of Toronto and will be just a minute’s walk away from Victoria College. See the below map for more details (Museum Station is in red on the left). Download the map here: Victoria University Campus Map 2014

Victoria College is located at 91 Charles Street West. It’s one block south of Bloor, on the east side of University Avenue.

To register, please head to the foyer of Victoria College.

Better Vic Campus Map

***You can also use the University of Toronto campus map to help you locate specific buildings.**

You can also download the 1st Floor of Vic and the 2nd Floor of VIC maps of Victoria College.