Robert Amos


Robert Amos, who designed our logo, is an artist and writer working in Victoria, BC. He began puzzling over Finnegans Wake in 1970 and, without anyone to talk to about it, recorded the entirety of the text as an audio book. Some of this recording is available at In preparation for this, Amos also wrote out the entire book with a fountain pen, in his new, simpler “short-lines” method. His art works have graced the covers of the James Joyce Quarterly four times.

Thunderwords: Eric McLuhan came to Victoria in 2009 and proposed to Robert Amos that they collaborate on an illuminated version of his book, The Role of Thunder in Finnegans Wake (University of Toronto Press, 1997). Small parts of the illuminations Amos created are used as header images on this site: they will all be exhibited in full at the Toronto conference.

During the winter of 2006-07, Amos created the unique décor for the James Joyce Bistro at Peacock Billiards in Victoria, with painted tabletops, wall panels, and a long bar table.


This photo, taken in Amos’ studio, shows six of the fifteen table tops he created for the James Joyce Bistro.


Bar counter with waves motif taken from Finnegans Wake.


Section from a thirteen foot-long bar counter with text from Ulysses.















Photos courtesy of Robert Amos. 

The following new panels were recently commissioned by David Peacock, the owner of the James Joyce Bistro. They are painted with a brush on Baltic birch plywood.







Robert also recently created the following three paintings expressly for the purpose of bringing them to Toronto in June. They are painted in acrylic on mahogany plywood.




nora copy

Acrylic of Nora Joyce.


From p.108 of Finnegans Wake.

Robert Amos will be present at Diasporic Joyce in 2017 and will exhibit and create – before your eyes – many original artworks based on Joycean texts. He can be contacted at