Under the leadership of Joe Nugent, a team of diversely talented students from Boston College, Northeastern University, and Berklee College of Music are working with professionals to create JoyceStick, a virtual reality game that retells Ulysses through 50 to 100 objects.

The game will progress through the individual chapters of Ulysses, with changes in chapters being represented through changes in narration, sound, and visuals. In each chapter, players will move through the city of Dublin as the characters, performing tasks and solving puzzles in order to collect various objects, and in so doing will uncover new information and learn more about the novel. Visuals can range from being photorealistic to highly stylized, depending on the emotions of the characters and the themes present in each chapter.

The “JoyceStick: A Gamification of Ulysses” video outlines this interdisciplinary Digital Humanities project.

The “JoyceStick” Development Progress” video provides an update on the project as of November, 2016.

For more information, see the JoyceStick website.